18+ Netball Tour - South Africa - Sept/Oct 2018

After our amazing hockey tour to South Africa during April 2017, we are excited to announce that we will be returning to South Africa in 2018 for NETBALL ! We are looking to take three womens teams (30 players maximum), plus those who would just like to come along for the experience.... to South Africa departing approx September 27th and returning on the 13th of October 2018. Some of the highlights you may experience on tour can be seen our recent hockey tour to South Africa in April 2017, featuring a visit also to the Lion Whisperer !

You will play 6-7 netball games against club teams across South Africa. The tour is open to players who will be 18 and older through to masters players when the tour departs. The tour is paid off via a series of installments. Non playing tour members/ friends/partners etc are also welcome to tour! You can also extend your stay in Africa after the tour. There are no selections or tryouts. All places are filled on a first come first in basis. Its the ultimate end of season tour !


  • Play 6-7 netball games against local clubs
  • Visit Kruger National Park to see the BiG 5 animals in the wild on Safari
  • Visit Johannesburg...tour Soweto and the Apartheid museum
  • Play in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa and learn about its history
  • Receive expert coaching from high level coaches on tour
  • Visit and play in Cape Town, including Table Mountain and Robben Island
  • Possibly go diving with great white sharks !

Registrations for this tour are now OPEN

If you are interested to find out more about this tour, please head to our contact page to register your interest.

About our Opens/18+ Netball Tours....

Our Opens/ 18+ tours are an overseas holiday with a difference. You may on other tours get to do a coach tour around Europe, Africa, of the Caribbean, and you will meet new people on your bus and see the sights,   but do you really get to meet the locals (besides those who sit behind the hotel desks?) Well you certainly do on a Wanderers Tour!!!

Not only will you get to see all the sights of the destinations you travel to with us, but you will get to meet and chat and get to know the locals - because you will play netball against them ! You will also meet great new friends in your team that all have a common interest - netball !

Players aged between 18 and 60+ are welcome to join us on tour, and we play against local clubs on tour in the countries we travel to.  Players who play ANY level of netball are welcome to tour with us.

As with our junior tours, in most cases, the team is made up of individual players traveling alone on tour, so do not be put off touring if you do not know anyone, as everyone else is in the same situation !

On each tour, multiple teams travel together playing against local clubs along the way. Teams are matched up against teams of a similar level,  depending on the mix of players that make our final team line up.

There are no tryouts or selections for our adults teams. Teams are filled on a first come first in basis. We usually take up t 10 players maximum per team, plus non playing partners, family and friends.

We also encourage those who do not play netball to come along on tour, including non playing friends, partners, husbands etc,  as they too get to mix in with the locals and are just as much a part of the team as anyone else!

For more information and to register, head to our contact us page, or give us a call on 02 42 67 1400.