Update 1 from Canada


Hi everyone.

Firstly, apologies for the delay in our updates as we have not have had clear access to the internet until now.

For quicker updates, head to the Wanderers Australia facebook site and become friends to see more up to date photos and scores etc....

Here is an update rom the first few days...


Spectacular first complete day in Vancouver. Sun and clear skies.
Excellent training with Hash and 3 experienced UBC players including 2 National players.
Short game, girls versus boys and some walk through on defensive and attacking PC's with Wanderers coaches.
Scenic drive along coastline back to City.
Bike ride around Stanley Park. Everyone and their dog were out on Easter Monday!
Dinner out
Packed and ready to set off for Victoria.
Scenic BC Ferry cruise
Spent afternoon at Fisherman's Wharf feeding seals and lovely lunch in the sunshine there.
University of Victoria games
Teams played a combined representative side from Victoria.
Girls versus "Islanders". Went down 0-3 to a very strong team and older team.
Boys versus "Victoria" . Went down 0-4 to boys also to a very strong and much older group of boys!
First night of billeting.
All kids happy.
Time for bed. Hope you are having a great time!