We awoke early super excited for our day at Disneyland, and it didn't disappoint.

With our passes covering both Disneyland and California Adventure Park there was so much to see and do. After sharing a couple of rides together we headed off in small groups to explore the parks. Some headed straight for the big rollercoaters, some for the souvenir stores for their Mickey Mouse ears and some headed for a buffet breakfast.

When we met throughout the day the girls had many tales to tell and excitedly shared their experiences.

The Radiator Springs Racers ride was a definite crowd favourite amongst our group with the Winnie the Pooh, sorry, I mean California Screamin rollercoaster not far behind.

We finished the day with the absolutely spectacular World of Colour show before heading back to our hotel with many wonderful memories and stories to share.


Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

The day started with a short walk around Anaheim before we headed off on our bus tour to see the sights of LA.

We drove to the Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills where we had great views of the city of LA and the famous Hollywood sign. A quick bite to eat before heading to the very famous Hollywood Boulevard for a look at the Chinese theatre and a chance to find their favourite 'stars'. Back along Sunset Boulevard where our driver pointed out many famous spots (and expensive cars) on our way to Beverly Hills. The girls were very excited and eagerly looking for famous people as we headed down the very swish Rodeo Drive. A quick photo opportunity and a look at Tiffany's before we headed into the Staples Centre for the NBA game between the LA Clippers and the Portland Trailblazers. Once again the girls spent up big in the team store and I'm sure it was the loud cheering of some of our girls that got the Clippers over the line by a point.

Off to bed super excited for Disneyland tomorrow!

Day 10


This morning we headed off to another beach (hard life I know) all keen for a swim and some beach cricket. After a quick dip the game began. There were a few big hits and classic catches, but mostly lots of laughs.

We headed off to Springer Memorial Secondary School keen to perform well against the number one ranked sports school in Barbados (and the only school we've played with a roof over the court).

The threes started strongly with a 7-0 opening quarter. All girls were playing well and the team was combining beautifully. The girls took the foot off the pedal in the second quarter but stepped it up in the third to take a large lead into three quarter time. The girls rotated their positions in the last and despite the raucous crowd whenever their opponents scored came away with a big win 22-2.

The twos performed consistently throughout the quarters notwithstanding significant positional changes with many in new positions due to goalie overload.

To the deafening applause by huge contingent of students watching from Springer Memorial school the girls didn't lose concentration but brought the ball fluently down the court only losing  turnovers when they attempted long loose passes.

Kylah & Isabella lifted to fill in strongly for a quarter each and Catarina was still on fire in goals.

The two Maddys with Kate were strong again to upset the Barbados teams shooting score and Tiff held defense well in the last.

Tight defence & lots of energy made our side the strongest on the day

The last quarter goal combination of Skye and Olivia ensured we held our lead to victory.

Kiara , Cat and Katie were our driving force through the middle

Score 23-10

Today team 1 competed against the strongest school netball team in Barbados. Having heard they had been undefeated for quite some time, the girls were ready for the challenge.

We began our drills based warm up and were soon joined by a gorgeous young  Bajan girl before taking to the court. We started well; holding our centre passes and capitalising on errors from the Springer Memorial girls. We were continuously amazed at the athleticism of some of their players but held our nerve and finished up winning by 13 goals.

Team 1 have really gelled as a unit over the course of this week and are now playing like a team that has played together for years. They are playing some very impressive netball!

A quick swim and/or shower before heading back to Rockley beach for dinner and an ice cream.

Day 9

The day started with a team breakfast and beach recovery games. There were lots of laughs and the girls were excited for the day ahead.

We were lucky enough to be taken on a little tour of the island on the way to the school where we ran a netball clinic. Our bus driver Larry pointed out key landmarks on our trip up the west coast including Kensington Oval, Rihanna's penthouse and Sandy Lane golf course. We then headed inland through the mountains where the scenery went from open fields

to almost jungle like forests. When we came out the other side at Cherry Tree Hill we had the most amazing view of the east coast. 

We soon arrived at A. Dacosta Edwards Primary School where the children were eagerly waiting our arrival. After warming up with octopus, we split into groups and began taking the girls through some netball drills while the boys sat watching unable to join in because in their words 'we don't play netball'. Before long our girls were also organising games of tunnel ball and Tepees and Indians for the boys. It was an amazing experience for our girls and one we'll never forget. When it was time for us to go, the kids were clinging onto everyone's legs and asking us to stay forever. I think a few quite gladly would have!

Back to Bridgetown where we had a look around the main sites before heading back to the hotel.

This evening we challenged the girls to a Masterchef competition for dinner - room v room. The girls were given a budget and took up the challenge with enthusiasm and positivity. Chicken and salad, spaghetti bolognese, beef stir fry and veg, rice noodles and veg; just to name a few. One group even made their own bechamel sauce from scratch. I'm sure they'll all be happy to reproduce the dishes on their return!

Without a doubt, the girls have commented that this has been the best day of the tour.

Day 8

A later start this morning gave the girls a chance to have a sleep in, catch up on some washing, have an early morning dip in the magical waters in front of our hotel or stock up on some snacks at the local supermarket. We then headed to the local Foundation School for our matches of the day.

The C team played against Graydon Sealy secondary school who we were meant to play earlier in the tour but due to unforeseen circumstances had to be postponed. The girls once again played some lovely team netball to jump out to a 4-1 lead at quarter time. Graydon Sealy fought back in the second quarter to cut the margin to 1 at the half. A strong third quarter saw the girls once again pull away and take a 4 goal lead into 3 quarter time which they maintained to the end of the game. Wanderers 17 -

Graydon Sealy 13

Our B team today ended up playing the top Foundation school team due to a communication mixup putting them under pressure against the very athletic Barbados group.

The first quarter we only scored one goal to be seven goals in debt.

A team positional change saw us draw the second quarter with more speed through the middle & dynamic defense.

The third quarter combination wasn't as strong so we went down four goals to be 10 -21 so it was going to be a battle in the heat to crawl back in the last quarter.

But there was fight in our girls even down to a neat 7 players! Jamie came to fill in WA and the troops rallied to actually win the last quarter off the Foundation School's top side!

Last quarter we won 6-2 hut the margin was too great and the girls went down 16 - 23. Hot game but the girls gave all up until the end with the cold slushy van nearby & delicious lunch in mind that awaited them!

The A team jumped out of the blocks with a 12 to 1 goal quarter and were never really challenged. The girls worked well together and in the second half rotated around and played in positions unfamiliar to them. Final score Wanderers 36 - Foundation School 11.

While the games were on many of the school kids were out in the yard and came along for a look. It was a great chance for our girls to socialize with them and before long those who had played their netball games were involved in a pick up game of basketball against the local boys. Lots of laughs from both teams.

Back to the hotel for a swim (yes another one) before heading into Rockley for dinner and ice cream!!

Off to bed, some very excited girls looking forward to the school clinic tomorrow which will take us to the other side of the island.

Day 7


A quick trip this morning up the coast to the magical Rockley beach for a quick dip and some lunch before heading to Queen's College for our second game of the tour.

The first team started slowly and were down by one at quarter time as they once again struggled to adjust to the athletic play of the opposition. The second quarter was a stranglehold with few goals scored, but the Wanderers girls managed to tie it up at the half. The third quarter was all Wanderers as Petroff and Brown gave up nothing in defense and the combination of Mansfield and Dwyer in goals had the scoreboard ticking over regularly to give the girls a 7 goal advantage at three quarter time. The forth quarter had some great passages of play as the girls really started to gel together. A great team effort and a 10 goal win (27-17) to our girls.

The second team played consistently throughout today's game and adjusted extremely well to the challenging weather conditions. They had to contend with extreme humidity, showers, heavy rain and sunshine during their 4 x 8 minute quarters. The game required a slow and steady approach and every player contributed to the successful result. As a team, they controlled the game from the get go and were led by a stellar performance, in both goals and mid court, from Heenan and solid defence by Whiteside. Our girls were far too strong for their opposition winning comfortably by 9 goals.

Final score: 19 - 10

Team three took the initiative from the whistle with a quick goal but the first half was low scoring by both teams with our girls leading 1st Qtr 3-2 then half time 6-4

The girls took heed of strong tactical direction at half time which opened up the centre court for attack & gained tighter one on one defence throughout the whole court causing forced errors to our opponents. All three defenders fired by forcing turnovers and making it hard for the Queens College girls to score. Our girls on the other hand pumped more goals with the ball coming into the circle easier & our goalies accuracy especially, Catarina Cummings, lifted us to double their score by the end. A tidy finish and great netball played by our determined bunch in slippery conditions . Lots of smiles to the fun antics of the opposition GA topped off the days play.

Final score: 17 - 8


A team bonding singalong on the bus home from the game was very entertaining, before a quick shower and back on the bongo buses for a short trip to the Mexican restaurant Cafe Sol for a lovely dinner.

Day 6 with the Turtles


What an absolute awesome day we had today. We were picked up from our hotel at about 8 and headed to Bridgetown for our catamaran cruise aboard the boat Jammin. Our first stop had us snorkeling amongst the turtles which was just incredible. We then moved a little further up the beach where we were able to swim around and in 2 shipwrecks, one of which was almost 100 years old. The water was crystal clear and there were so many colorful fish and coral to see. We then sailed up the coast for about an hour before stopping for lunch about 100m off shore. Some swam, some floated on lilo's, some did tubing, all had a great time.

Day 5

Today was a very exciting day because we played our first game..finally !

Our games weren't scheduled until 4pm so we headed to Browns beach for the morning. In typical Barbados style, the beach was stunning! Crystal clear blues waters and the softest sand imaginable.

Fortunately we were able to strike up a good deal with a local banana boat driver and most girls had a turn. There were lots of laughs and funny moments during the ride.

This afternoon we played our games against the Barbados National teams. The girls played well in all games and fought hard until the end but the locals proved too strong in all games.

The results and best player from each game are listed below:

Team 3 Barbados 20 - Wanderers 3 Best player: Tia

Team 2 Barbados 40 - Wanderers 23 Best player: Skye

Team 1 Barbados 36 - Wanderers 20 Best player: Isabella Brown

We finished the day with a meal at the courts with the Barbados teams and then headed back to the hotel for some poolside Karaoke and a team meeting in preparation for our Catamaran adventure tomorrow.

Days 3 and 4

Hi everyone and greeting from Barbados...Here are some of the highlights from the last two days..

Day 3 cont & Day 4

Last night we headed into Bridgetown to see the parade celebrating Barbados' 50th year of independence. It was quite a sight with the many marching bands and military, army, coast guard and scout groups. We found a spot only to discover we had positioned ourselves within metres of the Prime Minister of Barbados ! The highlight for most was the glimpse of Prince Harry as he was chauffeured past.

An hour wait for KFC (the only thing open ! Barbados loves chicken...approx 260,000 people eat 11 million chickens a year !) certainly tested the girls patience but gave them a good insight into the laid back lifestyle of the Bajans !

Day 4
We awoke today to blue skies and sunshine, excited for our first game. Unfortunately our plans were thrown into disarray as the school had experienced not only flooding of the court but the passing of their principal (we're hopeful of making this game up later in the tour). Lunch back at the hotel before an afternoon of beach and pool which has certainly allowed the girls to relax a little more.

Tonight we headed to the famous Oistins Fish Fry where those brave enough were able to try DOLPHIN....No maaaaan not flipper !  ...Mahi Mahi) , snapper, shrimp and kingfish. They enjoyed dancing to the music and browsing the market stalls.

A few quick bonding activities and off to bed in preparation for our games tomorrow against the Barbados National Team (not before a swim at the beach of course).

More updates soon... Keep checking our social media pages !

First few days


Hi everyone back in Australia..We are now well and truly settled in to our new home for the next 10 days...Here are some highlights of our adventure so far ....

Day 1

What a day! We arrived in LA, dropped our bags at our hotel and headed straight to Universal Studios. Despite fighting fatigue everyone had a great time with the Mummy ride and Waterworld show among the favourites. Home early for a nice hot shower and some much needed sleep before we head to Barbados tomorrow.

Day 2

We started the day at 4:45am to prepare for our first flight to Miami. Most of us managed to get some sleep on the plane which was great. Upon landing we quickly disembarked and hoped onto the sky rail to change terminals four our connecting flight to Barbados. We had 10 minutes to buy a quick dinner before boarding but then ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours before take off. We arrived safely in Barbados at 1am local time.

Day 3

Today we literally woke up in paradise. The sun was shining, there were blue skies and the view of the ocean at breakfast was incredible. Pristine water! We had our first training session at a local court. The court was very different to courts we have access to in Australia. After making the court safe to play on we attempted to pump up the netballs but the pump needle broke. Jo and Emily ran to the local petrol station to get them pumped whilst Angie ran an impressive warm up. We mainly focussed on match play today in preparation for our first game tomorrow. A lazy afternoon by the pool and swimming in the ocean was necessary to recharge our batteries after a busy few days crossing multiple time zones. More updates soon !