First few days


Hi everyone back in Australia..We are now well and truly settled in to our new home for the next 10 days...Here are some highlights of our adventure so far ....

Day 1

What a day! We arrived in LA, dropped our bags at our hotel and headed straight to Universal Studios. Despite fighting fatigue everyone had a great time with the Mummy ride and Waterworld show among the favourites. Home early for a nice hot shower and some much needed sleep before we head to Barbados tomorrow.

Day 2

We started the day at 4:45am to prepare for our first flight to Miami. Most of us managed to get some sleep on the plane which was great. Upon landing we quickly disembarked and hoped onto the sky rail to change terminals four our connecting flight to Barbados. We had 10 minutes to buy a quick dinner before boarding but then ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours before take off. We arrived safely in Barbados at 1am local time.

Day 3

Today we literally woke up in paradise. The sun was shining, there were blue skies and the view of the ocean at breakfast was incredible. Pristine water! We had our first training session at a local court. The court was very different to courts we have access to in Australia. After making the court safe to play on we attempted to pump up the netballs but the pump needle broke. Jo and Emily ran to the local petrol station to get them pumped whilst Angie ran an impressive warm up. We mainly focussed on match play today in preparation for our first game tomorrow. A lazy afternoon by the pool and swimming in the ocean was necessary to recharge our batteries after a busy few days crossing multiple time zones. More updates soon !