Day 5

Today was a very exciting day because we played our first game..finally !

Our games weren't scheduled until 4pm so we headed to Browns beach for the morning. In typical Barbados style, the beach was stunning! Crystal clear blues waters and the softest sand imaginable.

Fortunately we were able to strike up a good deal with a local banana boat driver and most girls had a turn. There were lots of laughs and funny moments during the ride.

This afternoon we played our games against the Barbados National teams. The girls played well in all games and fought hard until the end but the locals proved too strong in all games.

The results and best player from each game are listed below:

Team 3 Barbados 20 - Wanderers 3 Best player: Tia

Team 2 Barbados 40 - Wanderers 23 Best player: Skye

Team 1 Barbados 36 - Wanderers 20 Best player: Isabella Brown

We finished the day with a meal at the courts with the Barbados teams and then headed back to the hotel for some poolside Karaoke and a team meeting in preparation for our Catamaran adventure tomorrow.