Day 10


This morning we headed off to another beach (hard life I know) all keen for a swim and some beach cricket. After a quick dip the game began. There were a few big hits and classic catches, but mostly lots of laughs.

We headed off to Springer Memorial Secondary School keen to perform well against the number one ranked sports school in Barbados (and the only school we've played with a roof over the court).

The threes started strongly with a 7-0 opening quarter. All girls were playing well and the team was combining beautifully. The girls took the foot off the pedal in the second quarter but stepped it up in the third to take a large lead into three quarter time. The girls rotated their positions in the last and despite the raucous crowd whenever their opponents scored came away with a big win 22-2.

The twos performed consistently throughout the quarters notwithstanding significant positional changes with many in new positions due to goalie overload.

To the deafening applause by huge contingent of students watching from Springer Memorial school the girls didn't lose concentration but brought the ball fluently down the court only losing  turnovers when they attempted long loose passes.

Kylah & Isabella lifted to fill in strongly for a quarter each and Catarina was still on fire in goals.

The two Maddys with Kate were strong again to upset the Barbados teams shooting score and Tiff held defense well in the last.

Tight defence & lots of energy made our side the strongest on the day

The last quarter goal combination of Skye and Olivia ensured we held our lead to victory.

Kiara , Cat and Katie were our driving force through the middle

Score 23-10

Today team 1 competed against the strongest school netball team in Barbados. Having heard they had been undefeated for quite some time, the girls were ready for the challenge.

We began our drills based warm up and were soon joined by a gorgeous young  Bajan girl before taking to the court. We started well; holding our centre passes and capitalising on errors from the Springer Memorial girls. We were continuously amazed at the athleticism of some of their players but held our nerve and finished up winning by 13 goals.

Team 1 have really gelled as a unit over the course of this week and are now playing like a team that has played together for years. They are playing some very impressive netball!

A quick swim and/or shower before heading back to Rockley beach for dinner and an ice cream.