Day 14-Paris

All the girls request I name one thing: 

1. Effiel Tower -highlight of the day! Thr girls spent a good 3 hours here taking hundreds of various photos; from smiles, to random poses, to juggling the soccer ball in front of it! Plenty of trinkets were purchased to remember the moment. Most girls opted to climb the tower and look out at the expansive and condensed city! 

Overall the majority of the day was spent exploring the city of Paris with our guide; Summer who captivated the girls' attention with her fluent english (with a french accent) guiding us to the highlights of this wonderous place. I can tell you the girls were so excited, many walked away with over 200 photos taken on their phones today alone!

Tomorrow is our final day in Paris; we are off to the Lourve and play our final match of the tour. The girls are most excited for their final game!