Day 15 and 16-Louvre, PUC Game and time to go home

It has been a very big 24 hours. We did a drive by of all the sites we have seen in Paris so far and then hit the Louvre. The girls enjoyed their time here and some went and saw the Mona Lisa. 

We versed PUC in our final match. It has been such a pleasure for us 4 coaches to see the girls progress and improve in leaps and bounds. It was a tough games and the girls battled from behind to finish their final game with a draw. We stayed back for an extra hour and mingled with the opposition and their families who had cooked a variety of french foods for us. 

Our final night was spent together, signing shirts, a little gift given to all the girls from the staff and typical tears and laughter. We are on our way to the airport now to check in and leave around 12pm. 

There will be more tears at Singapore no doubt but many friendships have been made and many memories shared!