Day 2-London

Day 2 started off with a few players they were charged with 5 push ups per minute they were late to the bus for training.... at some point of the day at the coaches discretion. We had a squad training session, breathed in the fresh country air and ran out rhe cobwebs. A mini world cup was played and the lucky maroons team played a grandfinal match against the coaches! They held there own that is for sure! The rest of the afternoon the squad spent the day exploring Lilly Whites (a bit of retail therapy for all); onwards to the Tower of London (no we did not leave anyone locked up) where everyone re-lived and explored some of the richest history the world has to offer! It was before our departure to Windsor, the push up punishment was performed, led by 2 x coaches (video to be upload shortly or can be viewed on twitter). We do believe there will be greater punctuality these days! Dinner at the Windsor at The King and Castle was a jolly affair and plenty of laughs were had. We returned home shortly after 8pm so the girls could have some needed sleep before our first game on Monday!