Day 3 - Game Day

Today we participated in our first games as a squad, against some of the finest academy teams: West Ham, Tottenham Hotspurs and QPR. All games were closely contested and the girls showed the world renown fighting spirits. We demonstrated that despite only participating in one training session together; we can hold our own when we are still learning all of each others names still! The girls demonstrated a wide range of skills, determination and the most important thing in sport: friendships. The girls became close friends with Tottenham Hotspurs players and were frequently found in a circle between games laughing, smiling and discussing typical soccer and teenage girl topics. The girls demonstrated an array of skill sets and sportsmanship; frequently offerring to play positions if we did not have someone available to play. We walked away with a few battle brusises but more importantly fond memories. We returned to the King and Castle for dinner and are now all nestled up in our beds on this cool evening. Tomorrow we explore further English Castle History and attend the hotly contested Aston Villa vs QPR match tomorrow night. We will back tomorrow evening for another update!