Day 4-Warwick Castle and Aston Villa vs QPR

After a lovely sleep in and a hearty breakfast we travelled 90 minutes away to Warwick Castle. We spent the next 2 hours roaming the stone pathways, stairways and green pastures of this grand and fairytale castle. The girls attended The Birds of Prey show where a variety of eagles and vultures skimmed over their heads and they experienced the breath of a wing across their faces. The girls climbed winding staircases and the castle walls; some tried their hand at archery with a few obviously should have been archers back in the medieval times they were so spot on. The late afternoon was spent roaming Star City (it is not quite what it use to be ) but the girls found amusement in their trip. The evening was spent sitting 5 rows back at Aston Villa vs QPR! The crowd was loud, the chants were as you have heard the stories and the girls watched in awe as two Australians (Mile and Longo) battled it out against each other. Aston Villa got up in the first 5 minutes and then the competition got fierce. Mile with his strong and solid defensive prowess and Longo with his sleak and sharp skills. The second half was a tough battle and QPR were unfortunante to not come away with a point. The home team Aston Villa took home the 3 points in front of a crowd of 27, 154. Tomorrow we travel back to London to embark on our second day of games. Stay tunned for another update tomorrow evening. But for now good night!