Day 5-Riddlesdown Collegiate Games

After a sleep in and some breaky we travelled 3.5 hours back to London to take on Riddlesdown Collegiate Girls. After a small detour to find the school we eventually found ourselves at the base of a very steep hill with a cobblestone path leading into the woods; not far from being described as woods you would often find in Beatrice Potter novels. While we trundled up this hill with our soccer/football bags and hoping one of our coaches had got the directions from the school reception correct, it was a gorgeous site to behold. We eventually discovered the school up and over the hill and in the middle of the picturesque woods. The girls were welcomed with open arms and an array of food, a jumping castle, hand-spun fairy floss and a photo booth by the Riddlesdown Girls. When the girls took to the pitch the comradery between the two sqauds continued. Gabe and Rhali's girls had a very comfortable win against Riddlesdown girls; while Ellie and Alisha's girls may have found themselves down at halftime but fought hard and brought home the win also. There was a final game where the girls demonstrated sportsmanship beyond their years and showed what the spirit of the game is all about. A short presentation where both squads were commended for their efforts, was followed by picking up bags and off to host families for the night. Tomorrow we travel to Leicester to take on Wingston late in the afternoon. All girls should be commended on their performances today; all coaches are proud as punch and excited for the games to come.