Day 7-Liverpool FC Academy and Rainhill Game

The girls were able to watch the 14 and 15 boys train; the boys loved the attention and explored the facilities the academy has to offer to its members. What everyone found is very different to Australian Football is at LFC Academy education is just as important as football; if you are not performing at at will cease until these improve. It is nice to see a country/academy that is looking after the welfare of its players.

The day progressed with us attending Rainhill, where LFC Academy send their academy kids. The girls really stuck it to their opposition, with a draw and a win under our belts at the end of the day. It was a cool day but the girls ran riot on the pitch; with many combinations and leadership displayed.

The girls are flying high as kites as tomorrow we tour the one and only LFC Anfield and watch EPL game: Manchester City v Hull!

Game on and bring on a rest day!