Day 8-Anfield and Manchester City vs Hull

We were suppose to leave at 8am on the dot.... a visit was made to the occupants of one of the rooms, loud knocking on the door and a small head popped out asking "yes?"  The coach's response was "Ahhh girls you are now 10 minutes late for the bus". It was like a light bulb had gone off! The girls had slept through their alarm. Frantic shoving of clothing in bags and quick changing....5 minutes later we did take off. Anfield here we come! 

Anfield....we were all speechless! An extensive tour let us sit on any chair we wanted in the home bench, take a gazillion photos and sit in The Kop as You Will Never Walk Alone echoed throughout the stadium. The girls ransacked the LFC store before we hit the road for a quick lunch stop and then an EPL Game. 

The girls experienced their first ever EPL game with Manchester City vs Hull. A little scrappy at the start but then the home team brought home the 3 points. The girls experienced a little vertigo with walking down the stairs ans then went and spent a quick 10 minutes in the Man City shop. 

The evening was spent telling riddles and telepathic communication. They still dont know how the coaches know what the other coach is thinking about hahaha. 

We are all a little tired after a busy few days, so we get a sleep in before we head to Bristol for games tomorrow. 

Sweet Dreams from England !