Day 6 - Birmingham/FA Cup Football

This morning we made the trip to Birmingham, stopping in at the Bullring Shopping Complex to have a look at the markets and shops. We had some lunch then headed off to the big Football match between Birmingham City & Newcastle.

The excitement built as the girls got a group photo next to the pitch with the Birmingham City mascots. The game started and Newcastle supporters were full of voice, cheering and chanting for their side. It paid off with Newcastle scoring in the 5th minute.

Birmingham answered in the 39th minute after a beautiful cross.

Second half saw the score remain 1-1, however Birmingham had a number of good chances to score. The match finished in a 1-1 draw! What an experience for all!

A great way for Sheridan to celebrate her 18th Birthday!

We were chaperoned by police bikes out of Birmingham, in the midst of a convoy of Newcastle supporter coaches, on our way to Wales before our mini tournament tomorrow. Stay tuned for a wrap up of the tournament!