Day 10

Today due to the possibility of being snowed in - we had to leave our hotel earlier and make our way towards Cheltham. 

As there was no snow we got to our destination 4 hours early - which fortunate for us girls it was right next to a DFO.  This place was so big - none of us got through it in 4 hours.  When we arrived to our netball destination - we were told how lucky we were to make it through as the had closed the road behind us - we had the luck of the Irish with us.  Unfortunately that was where it stopped. 

Team 2 came up against a very well rehearsed and talented team who gave us a lesson in netball.  We lost convincingly but I was proud of the girls efforts to continue - our positive was that our 2nd half was far better than our first.  We are looking forward to a chance to make amends tomorrow. 



Warm up team 2

Warm up team 2


Team 3 - Junior team were fortunate to play two games today against extremely good competition.  We lost both games but we never gave up. 


team 1 was our only team victory tonight and that too was a tightly contested tussle, both sides displayed extremely good skills and patience.


tonight Cheshire Netball showed well developed skills and executed moves.   


Cheshire will host our athletes for two nights - check back later for more - see you soon