Day 12

Arh we started the day after picking up our players from there lovely hosts of two days - Cheshire and travelled to Nottingham - hoping to see Robin Hood on our way. 

We arrived at our venue only to see that the court hall had been double booked - none the less the good people of Sherwood Forrest arranged a new venue and we all hoped on the bus and headed to Nottingham University.

Game 12 v Nottingham

Won 43 - 4

POTM Savahna

What a credit this team is. They took on instructions and delivered what they were asked to do - resulting in a solid win. You have all raised the bar and set the standard girls - keep up the great work.


Team 2 - Lost 29-24

a narrow loss but there were patches of some very good netball.  Today our player of the match was Carley -  


Team 1 won 37-22

after a slow start we pulled away from Nottingham.  Defensively there were very strong.  After settling in on our Centre passes we were able to string together a number of important foals

tiday I had a tie for player of the match: kaitlyn and Bec. 


Team 3 in action

Team 3 in action