Day 13

Today we picked the girls up from our host billets Nottingham and headed towards Warwick Castle - we have been told numerous times that this castle was the best castle, so we were looking forward to it. It may be wet, but that wasn't going to dampen our spirits.



Well we headed into the castle and was told to do the Spook tour for an extra 2 pound.  Girls voted and it was a let's do it - well it was well worth the extra dollars - the fantastic acting set the scene - and we were still talking  about how scared we all were this afternoon. 


Birds of prey

Birds of prey

We then headed to the birds of prey exhibit where we saw 2 birds in action. 

after a walk through the castle, maze and getting a very quick bite to eat we made our way to Cambridge to take on MI7.


Team 3 junior team

Team 3 junior team

Team 1 senior team

Team 1 senior team


Today Wanderers took on MI7 in Cambridge - it felt like -5 but was not that bad, I think the coaches were slightly colder than the players.

Team 2 - won 29-10 played very well today - best game they had played of the tournament.  Our shooting accuracy was good and the conversation rate showed how hard they tried to convert.  player of the Match: Amity. 

team 3 v Mission mixed team of ages

Won 37 - 7

POTM Makayla

After a smashing first quarter we all played out of position to develop our skills - after all EVERY position ion Court needs to be able to attack and defend. We showed our skills and versatility to the end.

v Mission 14s

Won 34 - 9

POTM - Kate

Our last game together and we used it to showcase what we had learned and how we developed as a team. A solid defensive effort across the entire Court combined with balanced & timed attacking.

team 1 tonight on a slippery court our midcourt made connections throughout the entire game.  All players finished their final tour game on an exceptionally high level. It was fantastic to see and as a coach a proud moment to witness the girls hug each other and congratulate their team mates.

tie for player of the match - Holly and Phoebe. 

after an absolutely beautiful supper - the athletes were whisked away to there hosts for the night and by what I have been told an absolutely beautiful dinner!!! 

next stop Paris - au revoir England - its been great 🤗🤗🤗