Day 13 - Game 8

Today we left Holland and made our way to Belgium. Our first stop was the final hockey shop of the tour. 

After a little bit of shopping we went into Antwerp to explore the old centre of town.

We all browsed the many chocolate shops and many of us came back on the bus with tasty treats.

From Antwerp we made our way to Royal Victory hockey club to play hockey.

Our junior girls team played their match against Hrakles Hockey Club. Herakles were very excited to play us, and it was a very chatty, friendly game. 

The senior girls game was much the same, they really enjoyed playing against the girls from Antwerp, the game was filled with lots of laughs. 

The boys played against our hosts, Royal Victory. It was an excellent opportunity for The Wanderers boys to improve their structural discipline.  

Tonight everyone went home for dinner with their hosts, who were so excited to have us.

Tomorrow we make our way to France, three countries in three days!