Day 2 - Game 1

Today was our first game of the tour, against Surbiton, one of the strongest clubs in England.

First up were both girls teams.

The older girls played against an exceptional Surbiton side, a handful of who are part of the junior national squad. Even with the rain the girls had a ball, and are excited to play together again tomorrow.

The younger girls had an exciting and close game. It was fantastic to see all of the girls coming together as a team so quickly.

Next up was the boys game. After watching the girls play, the boys were all very keen to get on the pitch. The boys continued as the girls had started, it was an exciting, and entertaining game of hockey with goals being scored at each end.

After the games we had lunch with Surbiton before heading to back to our hotel to get ready to watch Reading play Birmingham City. Birmingham City won the game 2-0. It was a cold and wet night, but it was great to spend some time with the Wanderers Netball tour group. 

Tomorrow we are visiting Warwick Castle before playing our second game of the Tour, and our first night of being hosted! 


The junior girls team


The boys team


The senior girls team


Some action from the soccer game