Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Day 15

Our Tour Guide arrived at our hotel in Amiens to take us on a tour of the Battlefields.

First stop was Villiers Brettoneoux a place where on the 25 April 1918 it was the scene of one of the biggest battles for Australians in WW1 then onto the Adelaide Cemetery to see the grave of the “Unknown Warrior” who is now residing in the War Memorial in Canberra. Beaumont Hamel was our next stop. This is a preserved battle site where the Newfoundlanders fought, then to Pozieres where the “Red Baron” was shot down.

Finally to the Thiepval memorial. A day to remember.



Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Day 14

We started the day with rain and wind as we left our hotel in Braintree for the beautiful and historic Canterbury. After lunch we set out for Dover to start our trip to France.

The wind had picked up another 2 forces by the time we reached the Ferry Terminal. Not as smooth as the Netball recently played, but we made it to Calais in good time. Cheers all round.



Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Day 9

After spending some time exploring the historic city of Cheltenham, Wanderers Australia Netball took on Stroud High School today, with some brilliant Netball.  Our hosts provided a lovely afternoon tea at the School canteen that was enjoyed by all.

Before making our way to our hotel for the night we dropped into the very foggy city of Gloucester for a little look.


Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Day 6

We left our hosts in Cheshire this morning with a little sadness, however with crisp blue skies and a chill in the air, we made our way to the Northern Wales town of Colwyn Bay to play in a Mini Tournament against North Wales Netball Academy and the Rydal Pehnros School.

The girls played extremely well, remained undefeated and posted high scores. They are with their hosts tonight and are due to be treated to some Welsh hospitality.

Jnr Netball Tour 2018

Day 5 Jnr Netball Tour

Today we again played the local Cheshire Netball Club. More quality Netball and an opportunity to play the Academy team.

After the games we all went to lunch at Brasso in Liverpool and then were treated to a guided tour of the Mersey area of Liverpool. The tour included the Ismay home (owners and designers of the Titanic) and the Liverpool Museum, which displayed the 60’s music icons “The Beatles”.

We also saw the venue for the Netball World Cup 2019.

England Part 1

Hi everyone and thanks for being patient with our blog posts. We have to wait until we can get decent wifi to post and its not easy when we are on the run.

Here are some of the highlights from our first few days on tour...

Day 2

Today we started with a stop at St Paul’s Cathedral.
From there we visited the impressive Tower of London....home of the crown jewels and full of history. The Tower sits next to the Tower Bridge. Lunch at the Borough Markets was our next stop, where we enjoyed a a varied cuisine from all over the world.

Finally to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Our 1st games of the the tour was against Raiders NC

We came away with 3 wins under our belt a great start to the tour.

Day 3 of the Jnr Netball tour.
Today we visited Warwick Castle. The weather was overcast and windy, however the girls were all excited to explore the Castle and grounds. The "Birds of Prey" being a particular favourite. Mopre updates soon. Please check facebook to see more regular updates.