UK Junior Netball Tour 2019

Emus played Fetcham Hawks in the last game of the tour.  The girls all had the  opportunity to play in their preferred positions and really put on a performance.

We intercepted everything that came our way.  Strong give and goes all over court left our opposition chasing all night. 

A very pleasing finish to the tour and a result everyone can be proud of.  Emus ran out winners 42 to 6

Kangaroos vs. Fetcham Hawks

Tonight’s focus for the Kangaroos final match against Fetcham Hawks was to treasure the ball in attack, control the pace and speed of the game and enjoy and take all the moments. The first quarter was a tight contest from both teams with Kangaroos pulling away to be ahead by 3 at quarter time. The second quarter is where the girls really turned it on and treasured any turnover presented to them off the back of some tight defence and crafty shooting, scoring 14 goals to 3. The second half saw a few changes of position for some players, this didn’t faze the girls too much and came away 10 goal winners. What an experience for all of the girls. They have really come along away since the beginning of the tour and have taken on board feedback from all coaches.

This evening the Koalas played their last matches against Fetcham Hawks. The Koalas started off very strong and gained a generous lead early into the game. The girls continued to put their foot down defensively and extended their lead. The girls played patiently in attack and finished off with some amazing shooting. All in all the girls had a very consistent game and continued their great work from start to finish. We are so proud to see all the girls develop and thrive over here.

All the best for wherever your netball journey takes you - possibly another Wanderers tour. It has been our absolute pleasure & privilege to work with you.

UK Junior Netball Tour 2019

Today was the netballers last full day in the UK. The girls were given the opportunity to spend the last of their pounds at Camden Markets on some London/UK memorabilia. It was then on to Leicester Square for a visit to M&M world and Legoland, before heading to the girls final hosts and netball game tonight against Fetcham Hawks. Reality is beginning to set in as the tour is coming to end.

UK Junipr Netball Tour - 2019

After a well deserved sleep in, the netballers were treated to a day in Cambridge.

First up, a stop off at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, which the girls were truly moved by. Time was the given to walk around the town, taking in the many colleges and the amazing mbuildings.

Many more souvenirs were once again purchased as the girls boarded the bus with many bags. A chilled day with an early night for many on the cards as the girls prepare for their last game of the tour tomorrow.


Vs North Kent County


The Kangaroos played a solid first half of netball and were made to work extremely hard for every ball. The girls went into the half time break 11 goals ahead. The third quarter saw the North Kent girls really step up the intensity and pulled the score back to be within 6 goals at three quarter time. Credit to the Kangaroo girls, they were able to recompose themselves and ran out winners in a tight and intense last quarter. A great result for the birthday girl herself Kelsey.


After a slow start our defence came together in the second quarter and began to turn over a few balls. At half time we came off with a 2 goal lead. Our attackers worked hard in the last half of the game showing incredible patience and finished off with some fantastic shooting. All of the girls worked hard in the last quarter to secure our 6 goal lead. We showed some great resilience and team work on court this evening and it was great to see all the girls hard work pay off yet again.


All teams played their pentultimate games tonight against North Kent. The Emus started strong and used the ball well.  Playing to instruction, the team opened up a handy lead at the first break.  The second quarter was a similar story with the defence repelling attack after attack and speedy movement through the midcourt allowed our shooters to get early hands on the ball.  We soon opened up a handy lead at the major break.  The third quarter was a tighter affair with us narrowly winning the quarter.  Again the last quarter was tight but we maintained the intensity and ran away with a good win.  All players should be proud of themselves and how far they have come on this tour.


Junior Netball Tour 2019 - UK

 ‘WE ARE THE RED AND BLUE ARMY!’ - the practice chant required from the netballers for today’s main event, an English Premier League Football match. Before this wonderful opportunity, the girls first farewelled and thanked their host families from the Falcons Netball Club, and spent the morning shopping on Oxford Street before heading into the EPL game between Crystal Palace vs. Watford. Before entering the stadium, the girls quickly purchased the home team (Crystal Palace) apparel to show their support. Into the stadium they went and what an awesome atmosphere despite the home team going down 2-1. The girls are being billeted for the evening with North Kent College.


Junior Netball Tour UK 2019


Today marks the netballers halfway point of their amazing tour. This morning the girls thanked their amazing host families from Milton Keynes. Once aboard the bus, we headed back into London and took in the sights of Buckingham Palace and St Pauls Cathedral. It was then onto Kings Cross Station for some photos at platform nine and three quarters - a great opportunity for those die hard Harry Potter fans. After a quick pit stop for lunch, the netballers ventured on a cruise down the Thames River to Greenwich to end their day sightseeing. Next up the girls are playing their next lot of matches against Raiders Netball Club who will also be their host families for the evening.


Junior Netball Tour UK 2019

This evening the Koalas played the Raiders from Greenwich. We mixed the teams up again this evening and with some new faces joining the Koalas we started off strong in defence. After a few early turn overs we gained a generous lead against our opponents. The girls worked hard putting their hands over every single ball and created great defensive pressure all the way down the court. By the second game our attack game stepped up and we made some beautiful plays down into the goal circle. All the girls worked hard and took on their coaches feedback.

Kangaroos vs. Raiders Netball Club

Tonight’s game was hosted by the Raiders Netball Club, and with a few slight movements among teams, the kangaroos put out an impressive performance on court. Across the game the girls played with confidence and moved the ball with speed and precision in attack, with some flawless shooting. The defensive end made life hard for their opponents which only saw them score 1 goal in the first half.  It is pleasing to see the girls really supporting each other (on and off the court) and also their want to continue to improve their games.

Emus match report.

Game 1 Raiders Pink.

We started off slow tonight, and did not open the court up to create space.  This allowed a strong Raiders team to take advantage, capitalising on our errors.  To the players credit we came out hard in the second half and soon took the lead.  The game then seesawed back and forth with the centre pass eventually finishing in a tie.  Credit to the players for bouncing back.  The second game we started much better with good strong leads and moved the ball well.  Our shooters got the best of their tall defenders whilst our defenders shut down their offence.  The midcourt  led strong and provided some good drives and cuts.  Emus ran out comfortable winners.

Junior Netball Tour UK 2019


Tonight we took on the combined sides of MK Dons and MK Netters.  We started off slow and took a while to get into our rhythm.  A combination of poor timing and not working hard enough to lose our opponents saw the opposition hold a 4 point lead at the break.  Emus stepped it up in the second quarter and soon reigned in the lead,  we were still not opening the court up as well as we could but some great defensive work and finishing in front of goals saw us take the lead.  In the third quarter a reshuffle of the team did not stop us from maintaining our lead.  It is pleasing to see the team continue to grow and improve with each match. Well done girls.


Tonight the Kangaroo girls played a mixed match against MK Dons & MK Netters. A focus of tonight’s game was ensuring options were a plenty down the court and to also look after the ball. With this in mind the girls played a closely contested game and came away with a win. Once again the girls have stepped up and improved from their previous matches and the opposition are complimenting how well they are playing as a team despite their lack of time together. Well done Kangas - keep it up.


Tonight we were up against Milton Keynes. After a slow start the girls began to find some consistency through the second half of their games. After being 10 goals down at 3/4 time the girls clawed their way back within 1 goal. This was done by an amazing defensive effort by all on court. After building in defence we began to find a rhythm in attack and the ball was flowing with ease down the court. Overall we have built a strong platform for future games and we are excited to see the girls improve on this.


2019 Junior Metball Tour - UK

The netballers spent the morning sightseeing around Shakespeare’s hometown - Stratford upon Avon. The girls also had a sneak peak at Anne Hathaway’s cottage where they posed for a signatory tour photo, and once again did many a souvenir shop.

Later in the afternoon the girls were treated to a tour of the impressive stadium of the local football team MK Dons - thank you to the wonderful Julie for organising. The girls have been amazed by the facilities and are pumped ready to go for their games tonight against the local hosts.


UK Junior Netball Tour - 2019

After a wonderful evening staying at Heythrop Park Resort, the netballers were taken on a tour of the Cotswolds by the extraordinary Mike.

The tour included a pit stop for lunch at the Hollow Bottom Pub and then a guided walk through Mike’s hometown Guiting Power.

The girls were also treated to a ringing of the local church bells and spent some time souvenir shopping.

A wonderful day and the girls are being complimented every where we go for their amazing behaviours and attitudes.

We are looking forward to spending the night together in our accommodation at Ettington Chase.


2019 Junior Netball Tour UK - Day 6

Koalas 🐨

With some slight movements between teams today as we headed into Wales, the Koalas ended their day with 2 wins and 1 loss - an improvement on their results against Cheshire.

Across the day the girls found themselves playing with much more confidence and were supporting each other on and off the court.

It’s been great seeing all the girls developing as we go and we are looking forward to seeing this improve more as we progress through our tour.


Today we played 3 games against Panthers and Rydel Penros School. 

Game 1 we were strong and played to plan with good fluid movement down court, with  persistence from our shooters giving us a lead of 5 at the break.  The second half we stepped up, with defence rebounding strong, linking with our quick midcourters to deliver the ball to our shooters.  Emus running out comfortable winners. 

Game 2 in the round robin was against our own Kangaroos,  in front of an appreciative Welsh crowd.  Emus in a great second half put some distance between the teams to take the game. 

In the last game of the day again against a Panther side, a tired team of players gave their all, and fatigue played a part in us not playing to our court-plays and in a tight affair managed to pull 5 goals ahead to win the game. A great result for all players today and really starting to gel as a team.  A great day and our 7th game in 3 days, the players are now recovering.


Today we saw a new Kangaroo team take the court against several teams from Wales. The girls performed well over the course of the day and came away with a win and a loss. All the girls improved dramatically over the day and it was great to see them building a strong team connection.


Junior Netball Tour UK 2018 - Day 4

The Koalas 🐨

vs Cheshire U13s and 15s

This evening our Aussie girls took to the court for the first time on the tour. As it was the first time all the girls had played together as a team, it took us a quarter to get into the swing of things. All the girls showed great teamwork and perseverance on court. All the girls gave their all over the 2 games this evening and kept in close contention to the Cheshire teams. All the girls played well this evening and we can’t wait to see the girls blossom over the next 2 weeks.

The Kangaroos 🇦🇺

vs Cheshire U16s

The girls took to the court for the first time on the tour. It took us a quarter to get used to playing with each other. From then on we took it to the well established Cheshire side only losing by 3 goals.The second game was all Kangaroos led by a tight defensive unit, coming out 8 goal winners. All girls played well.

The Emus

vs. Cheshire

The girls played their first games of the tour against the impressive Cheshire Netball Club.

Whilst the girls were greeted by some outstanding play and tactics of Cheshire, the girls held their heads high and built and improved across each quarter over the two games. Defensively we were able to turn over ball, but just couldn’t convert, which will be a focus for future games. Well done girls and good luck on your next game.


Day 7 - Jnr Netball - Barbados

This morning we headed off to Reynolds Weeks and Bayley’s primary schools where the girls were very excited to run a clinic that they had prepared.

The group at the Bayleys school were in for a big surprise as the school had the day before convincingly  won the Barbados primary school cricket championship for the 3rd consecutive year. As a reward for their achievement a street parade was organized and so the girls along with all the primary school students sang and danced their way through the street as the locals came out to cheer them on. On our return to the school (over 90 minutes later) the girls had a chance to play with the kids who were very sad when it was time for us to leave and head to our games against Queens College.

Part of our group conducted a clinic at the Reynold Weekes Primary School. Our girls had a fantastic morning with young Netball Players

even sharing lunch with them. Great work Girls!

Day 6 - Jnr Netball- USA/Barbados

It wasn’t blue skies but torrential rain that greeted us this morning. A sleep in and swim for some before we headed of to Combermere or ‘Rhianna’s’ school for our second games of the tour. While we waited for the suit n to dry the courts we mingled with the opposition, exchanged gifts and learned their team chant.

The koalas were up first today and looking to make up for yesterday’s draw. Our excellent ball pressure and accurate shooting allowed us to jump out to an early lead with all players contributing. As the game progressed, the girls teamwork just got better and better as they adjusted to new team mates and various positions. A great four quarter effort allowed the girls to come away with a big win 33-3.


The team stepped it up today and came out firing on all cylinders. Timing was fantastic and the driving onto the circle made feeding our shooters easy. Strong rebounding was not allowing Combermere any second chances on missed shots. We won 29-4 and have a whole group of beautiful new friends 🇧🇧❤️🇦🇺

Day 5 - Jnr Netball - USA/Barbados

Monday 3rd December

We were up and at ‘em early this morning as we headed to Carlisle Bay for our “Beach of the day”.

The white sand and crystal clear water made for spectacular scenery and a fantastic start to the day.

A quick feed and change before we very excitedly (and maybe a little nervously) headed to our first game against Springer Memorial.


The Koala’s started strongly with Emma, Mikayla and Orianna controlling the mid court and Lara and Piper working well together in attack. The girls were applying great pressure over the ball to provide defenders Charlotte and Krista-Lee with lots of intercept opportunities. Charli and Cassie provided more intercept opportunities when they came on and the team was displaying  some great team work to take a 10 - 1 lead at half time.  The Springer team started to find their rhythm in the 3rd quarter as they cut the margin to 7. The girls were starting to tire in the last and it showed as they were unable to continue to provide the same pressure they had applied earlier in the game. Springer on the hand were firing and in an exciting finish levelled the scores with just seconds remaining. Final score 17 all.


We got off to a good start in the first quarter with a 5-2 lead at the break. Our second quarter we really hit our straps with great ball movement and a 9-3 quarter, leading. 14-5 at the major break. The third quarter was a little scrappy with a 5-2 quarter. The girls tired a little in the last quarter but still managed to win the quarter 4-2 to come away with a 23-9 win and the Kanga’s winning all four quarters.


A fantastic first game from our Emus. We knew it was going to be tough playing girls that have played together as a team for 5 years and are the U16 National Bajan Team.

We held them tight in the first quarter. We won the second quarter. We battled on in the third quarter but fatigue was hitting and the pace of this game was fast and furious. We went down in the end but can be proud of our individual and team effort 🇧🇧🇦🇺

Day 2 Jnr Netball - USA/Barbados

Today we made our way to the 9/11 Memorial on the New York Subway folliwed by a walk though Wall Street to see the “Raging Bull”. We then headed to Battery Point to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. The Rockefeller Centre was the next on the list. Finally we made our way alonf the famous 5th Ave and Central Park before heading out again to the Barclays Centre to watch the Brooklyn Nets play the Memphis Grizzlies


Day 1 Junior Netball

After numerous flight delays and changes we arrived in New York City and checked into our hotel in Brooklyn. We rode on the subway into Manhattan where we were mesmerized by the lights and sounds of Times Square. A quick bite to eat and some shopping in the M and M and Hershey’s stores. Everyone looking forward to a good night sleep before our big day in the city that never sleeps!