Day 7 - Jnr Netball - Barbados

This morning we headed off to Reynolds Weeks and Bayley’s primary schools where the girls were very excited to run a clinic that they had prepared.

The group at the Bayleys school were in for a big surprise as the school had the day before convincingly  won the Barbados primary school cricket championship for the 3rd consecutive year. As a reward for their achievement a street parade was organized and so the girls along with all the primary school students sang and danced their way through the street as the locals came out to cheer them on. On our return to the school (over 90 minutes later) the girls had a chance to play with the kids who were very sad when it was time for us to leave and head to our games against Queens College.

Part of our group conducted a clinic at the Reynold Weekes Primary School. Our girls had a fantastic morning with young Netball Players

even sharing lunch with them. Great work Girls!