Junior Netball Tour UK 2018 - Day 4

The Koalas 🐨

vs Cheshire U13s and 15s

This evening our Aussie girls took to the court for the first time on the tour. As it was the first time all the girls had played together as a team, it took us a quarter to get into the swing of things. All the girls showed great teamwork and perseverance on court. All the girls gave their all over the 2 games this evening and kept in close contention to the Cheshire teams. All the girls played well this evening and we can’t wait to see the girls blossom over the next 2 weeks.

The Kangaroos 🇦🇺

vs Cheshire U16s

The girls took to the court for the first time on the tour. It took us a quarter to get used to playing with each other. From then on we took it to the well established Cheshire side only losing by 3 goals.The second game was all Kangaroos led by a tight defensive unit, coming out 8 goal winners. All girls played well.

The Emus

vs. Cheshire

The girls played their first games of the tour against the impressive Cheshire Netball Club.

Whilst the girls were greeted by some outstanding play and tactics of Cheshire, the girls held their heads high and built and improved across each quarter over the two games. Defensively we were able to turn over ball, but just couldn’t convert, which will be a focus for future games. Well done girls and good luck on your next game.