2019 Junior Netball Tour UK - Day 6

Koalas 🐨

With some slight movements between teams today as we headed into Wales, the Koalas ended their day with 2 wins and 1 loss - an improvement on their results against Cheshire.

Across the day the girls found themselves playing with much more confidence and were supporting each other on and off the court.

It’s been great seeing all the girls developing as we go and we are looking forward to seeing this improve more as we progress through our tour.


Today we played 3 games against Panthers and Rydel Penros School. 

Game 1 we were strong and played to plan with good fluid movement down court, with  persistence from our shooters giving us a lead of 5 at the break.  The second half we stepped up, with defence rebounding strong, linking with our quick midcourters to deliver the ball to our shooters.  Emus running out comfortable winners. 

Game 2 in the round robin was against our own Kangaroos,  in front of an appreciative Welsh crowd.  Emus in a great second half put some distance between the teams to take the game. 

In the last game of the day again against a Panther side, a tired team of players gave their all, and fatigue played a part in us not playing to our court-plays and in a tight affair managed to pull 5 goals ahead to win the game. A great result for all players today and really starting to gel as a team.  A great day and our 7th game in 3 days, the players are now recovering.


Today we saw a new Kangaroo team take the court against several teams from Wales. The girls performed well over the course of the day and came away with a win and a loss. All the girls improved dramatically over the day and it was great to see them building a strong team connection.