Day 5 - Killarney to Cork and Game 3 v Glanmire LGFA

After travelling to Cork today the girls played against their next hosts, Glanmire LGFA. The girls got to play on a hyrbrid field at Pairc Ui Chaoimh and it was the first international game played on the new field since being built.

The Lord Mayor of Cork was at the game to welcome the girls before they took to the field. They then sang both national anthems and then it was time for the first ball-up.

Playing more Gaelic rules in today’s game, the girls defended a lot during the first half. It was a great learning experience for them as they developed the skills to be able to defend without tackling their opponent. As a team, the girls learned the new skills at an exponential rate and with the help of the Sherrin football in the second half, really got back in the game on the scoreboard.

At half time our hosts put out behind posts so the scoring changes slightly to be that of the international rules format. Their Gaelic skills developing rapidly, and our knowledge of the oval shaped ball meant that our forwards had the Irish under a lot of pressure. Kicking many goals and overs, the score was very close in the end.

We were invited back to the Glanmire clubhouse for lunch and presentations. Our girls and staff also got the opportunity to try hurling with the help of our new Irish friends. It was then time for the girls to go off with their billetts for the night.