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Roma ! The italian capital is full of life, colour, fantastic  food, well dressed people and art collections the envy of the world  over.

Start your tour with a day at the Vatican and its museum,  where you can visit the Sistine Chapel, and Michelangelo’s Fresco on the  ceiling of the Chapel completed in the autumn of 1541. The day is not  complete without visiting the magnificent St Peter’s Basilica.

Then its onto the Colosseum and Roman Forum; the centre of ancient Rome.

At the end of the Forum is the world’s oldest known museum,  the Capitoline Museum; which is full of artifacts and art from across  the ages.

There are many wonderful opportunities to sketch various  sites and places of interest, such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain  and the Pantheon; or alternatively, have yourself sketched by the many  street artists in Piazza Navona.

Other highlights include walking through the parklands of Villa  Borghese and their sculptures from Bernini, and walking down Via del  Corso, with its many shops, cafes and people to Piazza Venezia.

Florence / Milano / Venice

In Florence, the heart of Tuscany, enjoy a visit to the Uffizi  Gallery, which houses a rich collection of drawings and paintings by  Cimabue, Giotto, Paolo, Uccello, Lippi, Botticelli, Michelangelo,  Raffaello, Tiziano and other artists. You will also enjoy visits to the  Duomo Roof Santa Maria Del Fiore, and take in the ambience of Piazza  Della Signoria.

In Venice, visit the impressive Peggy Guggenheim collections which  includes paintings and sculptures by the  best artists of the twentieth  century.

Milan is one of Europe’s art and fashion capitals. Start with a visit  to the awe-inspiring Duomo, local fashion houses , the famous old  Castello and of course a visit to the ‘Last Supper’ at the Santa Maria  Della Grazie church. All cities can be reached by Italy’s impressive  high speed train network or via private coach transfers with  professional drivers.

Visits to other parts of Italy can also be arranged including stays  in the Italian Alps, Lake Como, or to Switzerland to sketch the  beautiful Lake Lugano and the surrounding villages.

Paris & Barcelona

Arguably two of Europe’s most beautiful cities, each has its own style and culture.

In Barcelona, see the works of one of the most famous architects the world has ever seen....Gaudi.

Visit his stunning church...La Sagrada Familia, which began  construction at the turn of the turn of the 20th century and will still  not be completed for another 30 years. No visit to Spain is complete  without visiting the Picasso Museum, one of the 20th century’s most  famous artists.

In Paris, there are a number of museums and attractions to complete your tour.

Visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, drive along the Champs Elysees  and climb the Arc de Triomphe, or do a day tour out to the beautiful  Palace of Versailles.

Paris is home to two of the worlds most popular and important  museums. The Musee d’Orsay houses many works from the impressionist era  and a number of 20th century artists, whilst the Louvre has a collection  of some of the worlds best known artists, including the most famous of  works.......the Mona Lisa !

Art tours can easily be combined with history or cultural tours.

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