Cricket Overview

Wanderers Australia’s teams –  “The Wanderers”, are designed to give individual players of all levelsthe opportunity to be a part of an international cricket tour.

TheWanderers” consists of local club and school players from acrossAustralia, and ALL abilities are welcome. It does not matter if you arethe star of your state team, or the 12th man at your local school orclub team…all have a place on a Wanderers Australia cricket tour!

Our playersrange in ability from beginners to representative players from clubs andschools in both city and country/regional areas. Teams are thencombined with exceptional coaches and managers who will accompany andsupervise the teams on tour. Many have a teaching background andunderstand their role as an adult team leader on tour both on and offthe field.

Usually wetake one or two teams of boys on tour between 14 and 18, where we haveboys placed into a 1st XI and 2nd XI, which allows players to play withand against players of their own level. The teams are picked on form ontour, and players do move between teams at times as the tour progresses.  The standard of play is excellent, with our teams playing against topschool and club sides in the UK. The level would be equivalent to GreenShield / Dowling Shield U16 rep cricket in Sydney/Melbourne or Bradman Cup country level for the juniors,  and just below grade level for the adult tour.

Some of the highlights of our Junior tour are:

  • England/France: Visiting Lords,  Touring London, playing against local clubs and being hosted by them,  touring Manchester United’s Old Trafford, Visiting a Bat factory,  Touring such towns as Oxford, Bath, Canterbury, Birminham, Cardiff,  Brighton…Visiting the world war one battlefields on Northern Francewhere Australians featured, and touring Paris.
  • West Indies: Visiting Barbados and itsgreat Bajan culture and passionate cricket, and stunning beaches, aswell as possibly Antigua, where you will play against village teamswhere such greats as Richards, Ambrose and Richardson hailed from. Aswell as this, you will be treated to all that LA has to offer includingUniversal Studios, Hollywood and Disneyland

The tours are supervised by top coaches and managers, many whom are representative or state coaches.

For more information, head to our contact us page, or give us a call on 02 42 67 1400