Economics Tours

Given recent dramatic events in the world economy, and the US presidentialelections, history is happening before our very eyes! It is an opportunetime to take your students on a tour of the United States...the world’sbiggest economy.

We can structure affordable packages for your students are available with the tour costs of teaching staff incorporated for free.

Wanderers Australia has taken a number of economics and cultural tours to the US in recent years for a variety of schools, wherestudents have the opportunity to visit some of the world economy’s mostimportant cities.

Tours can incorporate very important economic hubs , concentrating on the events of the past few months, as well as thoseetched in history.

We can start you in Washington, where you can take your students to the Smithsonian Institute, which is the world’s largestmuseum complex and research organisation. It is composed of 19 differentmuseums, 9 research centres and the NationalZoo.

After the Smithsonian Institute, you will tour all themajor sites of Washington DC, including the White House, the Pentagon,  the Capitol Building, & the Arlington National Memorial. You canalso see pro sports events such as NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB live.

From an economics perspective, Wanderers Australia will arrange visits to such important institutions such as the US FederalReserve to discuss the impact of Monetary Policy on the economy, as well as sessions with speakers from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to discuss the impact of 3rd world debt, and globalfinancial security and assisting developing nations.

You can then head to New York, one of the world’s biggestand greatest cities, where you can visit The Museum of American Finance,  walk down Wall Street, and take in all the sites such as Times Square,  the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building Central Park, GroundZero, and 5th Avenue. A visit and tour of the United Nations can also beincorporated.

Any tour can also include Boston, the freedom trail and a visit to Harvard University.

Tours can also incorporate visits in either direction toLos Angeles or San Francisco as a stopover to the East Coast fromAustralia.

Wanderers Australia has handled over 40 school tours in the last 19 years, and can assist with all aspects of planning your tour,  such as:

  • Flights and internal transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • sightseeing and educational talks
  • travel insurance
  • information sessions for teachers, students and parents

For more information, head to our contact us page,  or give us a call on 02 42 67 1400.