History Tours

Amsterdam, Holland,

Normandy & The Somme

In Holland, you can learn about World War II and some of  the battles that took place there. Operation “Market Garden” was the  biggest airborne operation in history and your students can get the  chance to visit the memorial and museum, which was the actual Allied  headquarters for the battle in September 1944.

In Amsterdam, tour this interesting city, with the  highlight a visit to the Anne Frank House, to learn about the Holocaust,  how the Frank family hid from the Nazis, and the diary Anne kept.

From a World War I perspective, we can take you to all the  battlefields that Australians featured in across the Somme and in  Belgium. Visit a preserved battlefield, where your

students can walk through trenches and into no mans  land,  take in Fromelles,  Pozieres, Le Hamel, and Villers Brettoneux....the  battle of 1918 that is described by many as “possibly the single  greatest feat of the war”.

In Normandy, visit the D-Day landing beaches, including  Omaha Beach as well as the visitors centre and the memorial to the  allied troops.

Expert local guides used by Wanderers Australia for many years, will guide you and your students throughout your tour.

Paris & London

Arguably two of Europe’s most popular cities, each packed with History and culture.

In London, visit the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, the  Natural History Museum, The Imperial War Museum and see Buckingham  Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament  with Big Ben. Trips to Scotland and “Braveheart Country”, The  Cotswolds, Stonehenge,  Stratford upon Avon and Bath can all be easily  arranged.

In Paris, there are a number of museums and attractions to complete your tour.

Visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, drive along the Champs  Elysees and climb the Arc de Triomphe, or do a day tour out to the  beautiful Palace of Versailles.

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to the Louvre and also Napoleon's Tomb in the centre of the city.

History tours can easily be combined with art or other  cultural tours. Additional cities can also be incorporated into your  tour such as Rome, Milan, Berlin, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid and Munich.

Tours can be run at any time of the year.

The United States

We can start you in Washington, where you can take your  students to the Smithsonian Institute, which is the world’s largest  museum complex and research organisation. It is composed of 19 different  museums, 9 research centres and the National  Zoo.

After the Smithsonian Institute, you will tour all the  major sites of Washington DC, including the White House, the Pentagon,  the Capitol Building & the Arlington National Memorial. You can also  see pro sports events such as NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB Baseball live.

You can then head to New York, one of the world’s biggest  and greatest cities, where you can visit The Museum of American Finance,  walk down Wall Street, and take in all the sites such as Times Square,  the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Ground  Zero, and 5th Avenue. A visit and tour of the United Nations can also be  incorporated.

Any tour can also include Boston, the freedom trail and a visit to Harvard University.

Tours can also incorporate visits in either direction to  Los Angeles or San Francisco as a stopover to the US East Coast from  Australia.

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