A Parent & Player Perspective

We have received a report from a player and a parent who are travelling from the tour. It gives a great insight as to how things are going on tour ....See below...

Wanderers International Rules tour: A parents perspective

A couple of highlights for me would have to be seeing the Eiffel tower lit up at night. It is absolutely breathtaking and a must see for everybody. Being given the opportunity to go back to my sons host families house for dinner and a chat after the game was an opportunity of a life time. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the family and experience their way of life. The hospitality of the people from the host clubs has been unbelievable. They treat us all as one big family and I know it will live long in my memory from the trip.

P.S   We just stopped in Dingle for lunch and the fish and chips at Harringtons and homemade ice-cream from Murphy’s has now become another highlight of our trip.

Gavan B

Wanderers International Rules tour: A players perspective

When travelling to Ireland on the Wanderers Tour, getting billeted to Irish families and getting a taste of their culture is a huge part of the experience. My first family was the Campbell’s and we first met at their local club. As I looked around at all the families, wondering who I would be joining for the next 24 hours, I was getting quite nervous, about what to say and how I should act, but once my name was called out, I received a warm welcome from the Campbell’s and all the nerves vanished. The father’s name was David, the son’s was Daniel and the mother’s was Louise. They brought me to their home and treated me as if I was their other son, always asking if I needed anything or if I would like something to eat, making me feel as if I was at home.  After the game and a well cooked Irish dinner, we all crawled into our beds, for a well earnt nights rest. Early that morning I woke up to a traditional Irish breakfast, toast, baked beans, eggs, bacon, and black pudding, which may not look too inviting at first, but it just tasted like a meat paddy with loads of different herbs and spices in it, an unexpected delightful surprise. But unfortunately all good things eventually come to an end, and I had to say good bye to the Campbell’s. It was a great experience to stay with a family from a country on the other side of the world, and to see how they operate through everyday life and it really was a time to remember for the rest of our lives.

By Connor R