Update 3 - Dublin

Today, Thursday 29 Sept the group ventured into Dublin city and toured the famine ship Jeanie Johnston. We learnt that 200 passengers would travel for 2 months from Ireland to Quebec and Canada. Passengers would sleep on bunks with 5 to 6 per bunk.

We all then spent a few hours shopping and exploring around Dublin.

At 4pm we departed he hotel for Lucan Sarsfields ground to meet the billets and prepare for tonights match.

Played in thirds - international rules format. Wanderers lost first two thirds by 2 points using the round ball. The final third was played with the AFL sherrin, Wanderers won that third by 20 points. Game was played in good spirits posing a different game and enjoyed the experience with the AFL ball.

After match presentation in their club room where our captains Mitch papley and Liam Kendrick presented thank you gifts to our hosts. Players and parents mingled and all thoroughly enjoyed the night.