Monday 14th January

Mum and dad it snowed today!!! More on that later...

Just when the group believed that it had survived the best that a Dutch winter could throw at them, Mother Nature had more in store this morning with a temperature of -5 recorded as the bus pulled in to pick up the group from their host families from Leusden. Needless to say that was the quickest that that 32 players had boarded the bus so far this trip :-).

First stop today was an 18 kilometre stretch of road that has been built on the land reclaimed back from the sea, which was quite amazing to have the open ocean on one side of the road, with essentially a large lake on the other and not much in between.

From here the group travelled to a demonstration on cheese making and clog manufacturing (with our own Liam Moller being chosen as the apprentice clog maker). At the conclusion of the demonstration many sampled the array of cheeses on offer with the consensus that the two best cheeses were the Smoked Cheese and the Stinging Nettle Cheese.

After examining a nearby "traditional" wind mill, one of the group from the Northern Territory (who shall remain nameless) was so excited at seeing a small canal that had frozen over he decided to test how sturdy the ice was by placing a foot on it. Only to find that it was not as sturdy a her first thought. Resulting in a wet foot up to knee level :-).

From the windmill the next stop was at the nearby traditional fishing village of Volendam with a couple of hours spent exploring the town and sampling some of the fresh seafood on offer. The shopaholics within the group also discovered a quaint little shop on the foreshore with a difference. The shop states that it is open 8 days a week (refer photographic evidence below).

From Volendam the group headed back to our next hosts at Soest Hockey Club. Upon arrival at the club late afternoon if on queue the skies opened up and it started to snow enveloping the surroundings in a white blanket approximately 1 - 1.5 cm deep. Due to the rules from the Dutch Governing Body for hockey for insurance reasons when there is snow all games are cancelled.
Instead the interest was to see how the Wanderers boys would top their Russian Bobsled impersonation of five years ago. Needless to say the boys didn't let the Wanderers down when they decided that a snow run was in order wearing nothing more than shorts....This left our hosts in fits of laughter and left an almost impossible task for the new team of Wanderers boys to better in the years to come.