Saturday 19th January

It was a slower start for the group this morning and after a well earned sleep in, at the more refined hour of 10am the group set out on the Metro for the final day of sightseeing in London. On the agenda was a more detailed look at;
* Notre Damn.
* The Louvre.
* Napoleon's Tomb.

First stop was Notre Damn (which is turning a 850 years old this year). In a first in my time in Paris the cathedral was open to the visitors despite the funeral of a local much loved man of the cloth occurring. So the group was lucky enough to here the massive organ in use as well as hearing the bells tolled in celebration of his life.

Next stop after that was to The Louvre to investigate the famous exhibits held within the museum (eg Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo and the like). Of particular interest was the statistic that of the some 600,000 works of art held by the Louvre, due to space issues at any one time there are less than 10% of these on show.

The final stop for the day was the gold topped dome that houses the tomb of Napoleon. Napoleon's body is encased with 7 different coffins (in a similar manner to the Russian Babushka Dolls). Of particular interest to the group was the incredible art work that had been painted on the inside of the dome and how this would have been completed (given the height of the dome) and how long that this would have taken to complete.

The group then set course back to the hotel to prepare for the final tour dinner and presentations.
The boys team, never wishing to disappoint arrived at the dinner attired in playing shirts and skorts after swapping them with their matching number from the girl's team. You really had to see it to believe it :-).

The award winners were;
* Male of the Tour - Trent Candy.
* Female of the Tour - Katie Warren.
* Male Player's Player - Max.
* Female Player's Player - Abby.
* Male Coaches' Choice - Jack Ward.
* Female Coaches' Choice - Jessie Muirden.
* Male Encouragement Award - Chris.
* Female Encouragement Award - Alex Betheras.
* Tour Laurie Lawrence Award - Wes.

As the group complete their final packing tonight in preparation for the long trek home to start tomorrow, this will be the final tour blog as soon your son's and daughter's will be home to expand on their adventures in the United Kingdom and Europe.