Tuesday 8th January

This morning the group embarked on an expedition to the historic Warwick Castle to delve into its history and it's darkest and deepest secrets. After embarking on the gut busting exercise that was climbing the turrets of the outer wall ( if 530 steps in all doesn't sound to bad, when you add the additional complexity of them being spiral in nature does prove more of a significant workout to muscle groups), approximately half of the group embarked on the memorable experience that was the "dungeon tour". The tour was less than two minutes old before the first scream was omitted from the group and this only served as a preview of what was to occur on a regular basis over the remaining forty five minutes.

After investigating the Warwick Cathedral and the surrounding town the group settled down for lunch before heading out to our next on field battle against our Northampton hosts. Interesting side note that of the four different teams played so far this tour three club's uniforms had involved pink shirts for both the boys and girls teams.

Girls 2 - 0 Win
The girls joined the victory list for the first time this tour after a gutsy fighting win in persistent drizzle and against a physical and fast opposition. The girls started strongly with a steely focus on transposing their efforts into score board pressure and with numerous circle penetrations and shots on goal looked likely to achieve this only to see most of their shots retuned to them courtesy of the opposition goalkeeper. Slowly and surely the opposition worked their way into the game and forced the girls to defend resolutely to maintain a clean sheet. As the game wore on the girls continued to press hard in search of that elusive first goal, with numerous near misses before effort was finally rewarded with the go ahead goal with was then doubled right on the stroke of full time. A great team effort from all.
Goals; Dani, Jasmine

Boys 3 - 6 Loss
The boys winning streak came to an end in trying wet conditions against a very strong and well drilled side. From the beginning it was evident that it was going to be one of those nights with passes and shots on goal that had found the net in previous games, just missing and or going wide tonight. Despite this the boys continued to toil hard on the task at hand with much hard running and tackling back making life as difficult as possible for the opposition forwards. However ultimately it was the speed of the opposition combined with their clinical finishing that proved the difference.
Goals; Olly, Max, Own Goal

The many sore and stiff bodies across both the boy's and girl's teams eagerly await tomorrow's day off from playing.