Wednesday 9th January

Despite the earlier forecasts for rain the day dawned crisp with blue skies. The first stop this morning was the nearby Abington Park which provided a great opportunity for the tired and sore bodies to be stretched out with the added attraction of a nearby historical church, museum and cafe.

From Abington the group then headed out to Stratford on Avon an Elizabethan town that was the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The group marvelled at the number of buildings that still retained their original architecture thus providing a great insight to the past. Some of the group chose to explore the still standing birthplace of William Shakespeare, others visited his and his wife's final resting place in the local church, whilst the remainder of the group chose to explore what the rest of the town had to offer from the houseboats and swans on the Avon River to the shopping that was on offer.

One of the highlights for the day undoubtedly occurred whilst the group photo in front of William Shakespeare's birth place was being taken. A group of similar aged boys and girls dressed in red (refer second group photo) asked where the group was from and during the ensuing conversation it was discovered that they were also from Australia and from Pine River State High in Queensland, they had arrived in London on the same day that we had and will be in Paris at the same time as the boys and girls and also at the same hotel.

Watch out Paris the Aussies are coming!!!

From Stratford on Avon it was off to Litchfield to meet our billets for the next two nights and our opposition in our final match in England.