Day 18 - Paris

The final day of this year's tour saw the group hard out on the Metro to explore Notre Dam, The Louvre and complete the day at Napolean's Tomb, interspersed of course with a touch of last minute souvenir shopping and crepe consumption.

A unanimous highlight of the day was the walk across "Lock Bridge" which spans the Seine. The name has resulted from the craze of adding locks to the bridges and them throwing the keys in the river. Not to be outdone after the group had finished their time on this bridge there were a number of new additions to the locks on display.

This evening saw the group beginning the packing process before our journey home commences.

The final Tour Dinner saw the following team award winners announced;

Tour Person Award - Charlie Ibell & Bianca Rigby.

Players' Player Boys - Fraser Cullen
Players' Player Girls - Martije Venter

Golden Stick Boys - Hugh Flassman
Golden Stick Girls - Mikaela Truskinger

For pictures of the award winners please refer to the Wanderers Australia Facebook page.