Day 4 - first match

Hi everyone we are having some small technical issues at our hotel with wifi so will have photos soon !

Day 4 - Norwich / Game 1
The group enjoyed time this morning being shown the sights around Norwich before heading out to the ground for the first game of the tour.

Boys 5 - 6 Loss
The boys started slowly and were forced to defend for the majority of the first half finding themselves 0 - 4 down.
In the second half the boys greatly lifted their intensity, however fell just short of the elusive equaliser.

Girls 1 - 5 Loss
The girls also started slowly and defended well to deny the opposition time after time with relentless tackling.
The game opened up in the second half with the girls having a good share of the attack, however experience in finishing ultimately proved the difference.

Tomorrow the group heads back towards London to tour Arsenal's home ground at Emirates Stadium.