Match 2 - Belgium

Girls #1

2-2 draw.

The girls started out strongly in this game commanding the bulk of possession during the early going. 

However failure to utilise early first time passing options resulted in a number of offensive turnovers.

Undaunted the girls kept pushing forward with Ashley Finegan and Jessie Lucas experoencing good opportunities only to see the opposition goalkeeper deny them or them go wide of the mark. Despite some excellent searching balls forward their goalkeeper repeatedly denied us. Our hosts then made the most of their single goal shot for the first half by picking up a rebound off an initial shot was saved by Sarah Lucas.

With renewed focus of running for their mates to offer themselves as a secondary option the girls then piled on the pressure in the second half courtesy of great running from Danni Staff and Georgia McCormick and finally scored after Rachael Fraser picked up the fifth rebound after a goal circle scramble. However again the opposition scored against the run of play after a breakaway. After repeatedly being denied by their goalkeeper after another goal scramble Holly Marriott put things back on level terms with ninety seconds left to play which is where it finoshed. Although we were unable to score a winner the girls can be proud of their efforts and ball movement in the second half.


5-5 Draw

The boys found this game a bit more difficult as compared to to last game in France. The game was controlled better in the centre and with more possession through short passess and transfers. Communication is coming along well with players having more confidence in themselves and others.

Girls #2

7 to 1 win

What a game! All the girls came together today and played as a team. Our strikers performed very well with Katie Hobden and Ayeisha 'Lethal Force' Milner scoring a hatrick each and Tarah 'Rookie' Youngston opening her international scoring tally. Midfielders played well together with the fullbacks and provided a rock solid defence. In summary a great result and a great game to watch.

Day 6 Blog

At the conclusion of the morning's matches our hosts put on a lunch for all players and officials before the group headed into the city of Antwerp for an afternoon of exploration along the many small winding cobblestone roads that are home to Belgium's top three tourist attractions; chips, chocolate and the return of the Wanderers Ice Dancers. Yes you guessed it we came across another outdoor rink that allowed the crew to perform for their minion of fans.

After watching their ice dancing heros one crowd member was heard to muse of Sarah 'Makes the hard things look easy and the easy things look hard' Lucas about how she can be so graceful and perfect on ice and cobblestones whilst managing to trip over when walking along a flat pavement. After the ice skating the main focus was firstly Belgium chips and more specifically the up to thirty different flavours of sauces that can be used to flavour these chips.

From here the group laid seige to the many chocolate shops dotted around the surrounding streets, firstly taste testing and the purchasing many boxes of the best chocolate to bring back to Australia. After further shopping and the revealling of the long awaited verdict that the Belgian chocolate is better than the French chocolate tasted two days ago it was back to the host families for the final night in Belgium.