Arrival into Paris !

Hi everyone, the squad has arrived safely into Paris....

Bon Jour to all from Paris. After 232 games of Tetris, 27 movies and 21 episodes of Modern Family we finally arrived in Paris at 5.30am on a rather chilly (zero degrees celcius) and overcast morning.

Our first cultural lesson in Paris was what all sleep deprived /Australians do - replenish their caffeine levels.

With an entire bus load descending on a small cafe much to the bemusement of the owner that didn't speak a word of english and his regular customers who could no longer get through the front door.

The remainder of the day was spent touring the sights of Paris with the background being provided by our guide. All were very impressed with: Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, Champs Ellyses, Arc De Triumph, Napoleans Tomb and 'Little Amsterdam' just to name a few of the many sites visited.  Many also enjoyed testing their negotiation skills with the Street Vendors to obtain the best price for their souveniers purchased.

The 'happy snapper' of the day award went to Ashley Finegan with an amazing 600 photos in the day with an honorable mention to Tarah Youngson for here photographic contribution of 120 during that same period.

Tonight we head out to see the Champs Ellyses under lights and view the amazing lighting display on the Eiffell Tower. More updates soon ....