Paris Day 3

Today dawned very differently to previous days as it was relatively mild, however the biting cold had been replaced by a consistent driving rain.

First stop today was the Eiffel Tower, however unfortunately due to the adverse weather conditions the top level observation deck was closed. Not to be deterred and with the impending matches to begin shortly a concensus was taken to climb the 680 steps from the ground to the second level (yes okay that consensus may have been driven by the fact that the lift lines were so long).  Dillon 'Man Of Steel' Smith won the race to the top and was heard to mention that his next race would be the Rialto run-up.

Any disappointment about not being able to access Level 3 dissapated quickly upon the discovery of an ice rink set up on Level 1.

Note to parents:- if your son or daughter tells you they went ice skating up the Eiffel Tower it isn't as a result of delayed jet lag I can assure you it is real and there are photos to prove it.

It didn't take long until the Wanderes Male & Female Ice Dancing teams were putting on a show for their adoring fans. Special mention must go to Rachael 'Ice Queen' Fraser who was cheered on enthusiastically by a legion of French primary school students one of which was heard to say to their teacher 'Miss I just saw the Australian Ice Dancing Queen'.

From there we moved onto Napoleans Tomb and The Invalides to learn some more of the history of France.
We then left Paris heading to our first opponents on tour. Despite a number of the group trepidaciously asking throughout the day as to whether their hosting families would speak English there was a positive vibe about this priceless opportunity to learn more about French culture at the grassroots level.

After experiencing a dinner of French Provincial chicken and Pear and Chocolate Tart and about to sleep in the bedroom of a two hundred year old building overlooking the Seine, we wait with anticipation of hearing of others experiences. More to follow.

Tommorrow sees our eagerly anticipated first hit out of the tour early evening after a day of exploring the Pallace of Versailles.