Game 1 in France


1st Girls Match Report

3-2 win

The game started strongly with our structure causing the opposition to struggle to clear their defensive half with Rachel Fraser and Katie  Mazzochi forcing turnovers allowing continuous ball to be feed to our strikers. Any opposition forays were repelled by strong tackling by Shauna Truskinger and Dani Staff teaming up together well down back. Constantly keeping the ball moving didn't allow the opposition to settle and easy yards were gained by Amy Swanston on the right hand side. This lead to the first goal by Jess Lucas as she latched onto a cracking right to left cross from Rachel Fraser and slotted this past the goalkeeper. The second goal arrived shortly after arising from a strong circle penetration by Georgia McCormick and a direct shot from the top of the circle. As fatigue and skill errors set in the opposition gained the ascendency in the midfield and launched many attacking raids, which our defenced toiled valiantly to repel lead by some great saves from  Rhiannah Neaves and gang tacking from the defenders. After conceding a field goal we created a number a attacking chanes ourselves resulting in a near miss to Caitlin King after good build up work from Holly Marriott in the midfield. Jess Lucas scored our third goal after bursting through the midfield and penetrating the circle and clinically slotting it into the bottom lefthand side. With the pace of the game starting to take its toal we battled valiantly to keep the opposition at bay for the remainder of the game and despite conceding a late goal the girls celebrated a winning start to their campaign..

2nd Girls Match Report

1-0 win

The girls got off to a shakey start with a lot of them playing together for the first time and many not having played for a few months. But as the game progressed the girls began to work together and gain more confidence which enabled them to keep possession for the majority of the game.
The scoreboard read 1 to 0 at the end of the game, but did not accurately reflect the effort and fun the girls had. There is only more room for improvement.

Boys Match Report

5-2 win

The team started the game at a frenetic pace with more concern about trying to score rather than trying to maintain possession and build pressure. Slowly the communication came into the game and possession was maintained with greater use of shorter passes and transfers. As the tour goes on with more time on the field the players will learn each others game and gel more.