An Unforgettable Experience in South Africa


Leadership and Conservation

Wanderers Australia invites schools from across Australia to join our Leadership and Conservation Tour to South Africa for the Easter school holidays in 2019.

The tour will enhance students’ leadership qualities -  learn about the struggles of Nelson Mandela, how he overcame oppression, hate and apartheid to become the leader of his nation .

Your students will trace Mandela’s footsteps guided by people who lived through the apartheid era, including an exclusive talk by his former prison warden from Robben Island.

Students will also learn about animal conservation with an exclusive visit to ‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Sanctuary to learn about the plight of endangered animals in Africa,  and what we can do to help.

Join our tour programme as a group from your own school, or interact with students from across Australia in a combined group.  Recruit eight of your students and you can join the tour for free.

Wanderers Australia has enriched the lives of over 5000 students through international travel to all parts of the globe since 1997.


Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary

Our tour experience focuses on providing a positive life changing travel and educational experience for students and teachers alike.

You will have the opportunity to get close with the facility's Lions, Leopards, Hyenas and other animals the Richardson's have saved over the years. You will also receive a talk from the team on the plight of lions in Africa, the problems with cub petting and canned hunting.... and learn how you can help spread awareness on how we can ensure that lions freely roam Africa for years to come.... for future generations.

If you are not familiar with Kevin and Mandy's story...better known as the 'Lion Whisperer" , they have been featured on a number of documentaries, as well as feature stories on the 60 Minutes programs both in Australia and the United States.

Please watch the following clip and prepare to be inspired.....