Los Angeles

The girls are all well and really enjoying their LA experience. From rubbbing shoulders with stars on Rodeo Drive with Steve Tyler from Aerosmith....to watching the LA Clippers winning in the NBA last night....it has been full on, but well worth it !

Today the girls visited the California Science Museum to see one of the oly remaining space shuttles left in existance...then onto Griffith Observatory and some quite major shopping in LA at the outlets...

The girls are all excited for Disneyland tomorrow. 

Final Matches and VICTORY

Greetings from Barbados after our final matches of the tour here.

Yesterday we played the national champion school here and won all three games. It was a great effort by all the girls involved.

Today was the highlight of the tour with test matches against the Barbados junior national and development teams... Here are the summaries from our coaches..

The mighty Emus finished their tour with a convincing win against the Barbados National Development Squad. The girls continued to improve throughout the tour and saved their best for last. They played as a team and showed great sportsmanship. It has been a privilege to coach such a wonderful group of girls.

Tonight the Kangaroo's played the under 16's Barbados National B Team. It was a rough, slow start by the Kangaroo's who were a bit intimidated by the opposition and gave them a large lead by half time. To the Aussie girls credit, they didn't give up but instead lifted their game and came out firing! Our goalers were driving hard and shooting with accuracy, mid court delivering the ball with precision, as well as putting pressure on in defence and our circle defenders connecting awesomely, forcing errors from the Barbados girls. With this increase in intensity the scores were even for the second half. 

It has been an absolute pleasure coaching the Kangaroos on this trip. Everyone should be extremely proud of their attitude, improvements and achievements. Great job Roo's!! 

Our Koalas finished the night with the final match against the UNder 16 national team. Our girls were really focused on starting well and capitalising on every scoring opportunity. Our girls plauyed superbly well and led at every quarter interval and finished with a convincing victory. Congratulations to all the girls involved.

Next Stop...LA

Match Day 4 and Primary School Visit

The girls spent the morning engaging with local primary school kids at a local school to do some activities and also to present some girls for the kids, and also for Wanderers Australia to donate some equipment to the school for their continued use.


It was indeed a rewarding experience and something we hope that will stay with the girls for many years to come.

Later in the afternoon it was then time for the toughest test of the tour so far against the impressive Queens College.

The girls played exceptionally well in all three teams..Here is the summary below from our coaches..

The Emu's had a strong performance today against Queen's College. They played with great team work and determination. The team has improved every game and showed great skill in a dominating win.

For our Kangaroos, it was another tough match under the fiery, hot Barbados sun. The opposition was of a higher calibre today, so the girls had to work harder. A more physical match brought about some hard knocks but nothing the girls couldn't handle. Well done Roo's on another well played win. 

The Koalas were down at the end of the first quarter. and learnt the value of team work, communication and effort. Using these things we were able to fight back and then push on through the final two quarters to come home with another solid win.

Match day 3

Greeting From Barbados....

Yesterday our girls took on the impressive Graydon Sealy School here in Barbados in very hot and trying conditions. We had three tough wins but some of the girls learnt the importance of correct preparation and hydration in these conditions.


The Girls were greeting at the school like rock stars which was very exciting to see.

Our girls with the head coach of the Barbados national team squad that will compete at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast !

Our girls with the head coach of the Barbados national team squad that will compete at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast !

Match day 2

Greetings from a rainy Barbados today where today our game has been washed out and postponed. Apologies the the delay in our update. All are well and enjoying everything Barbados has to offer. Our 2nd lot of matches of the tour saw the Wanderers girls all record great wins. Our girls are maintaining improved defensive pressure creating more turnovers.

Yesterday our girls enjoyed a fantastic day on the water cruising and snorkeling. Head to our facebook page for more photos and videos. 

Match Day 1 - Barbados

Greetings from a very warm Barbados, where our junior netball girls are literally having a ball. This morning was spent at one of the local stunning beaches, before our preparations for our first big matches of the tour. Our teams have been renames the Emus, Kangaroos and Koalas...


Our Emus were first off against a very strong local under 14 club team and our girls were a little slow our of the gates, but improved each quarter steadily controlling the pace of the game. The girls lost a close encounter but will be in a better position tomorrow having a game together under their belt.


Next up were our mighty Kangaroos....


The Kangaroo's were nervous but very excited to compete against Lester Vaughan School's junior team. The Barbados girls were strong, fast and skilled but our Aussie girls held their own and competed with passion and commitment for the full four quarters. Unfortunately we didn't get the win, however, we gained a lot as a team and are pumped for the next game tomorrow.


Game 1 vs Galaxy All Stars.... A cracking start to our netball campaign for the team affectionately dubbed the Koalas. Solid defence combined with well timed drives and quality passing saw us carry a good lead from the first quarter right through to the last.

The girls ended with some mixing in with the local girls for dinner. More updates after tomorrow's game !