Barbados Part 1

Welcome to our Blog for the tour. Here is our report for our first half of the tour in Barbados..


Saturday....The anticipation was building for the first centre pass and wow, what a display of netball. Our girls matched up well on each of the opposition sides, either narrowly defeating or succumbing to the Barbados teams. We were incredibly impressed by the local talent and skill level. Their ability to read the play and their elevation were something not experienced by our players before but they adjusted well to the conditions, providing some outstanding passages of play. After our post-match meal we moved back to the bus in order to get some well earned rest!


Sunday....This evening's matches saw the girls in each team strengthen their combinations across the court. Three of our teams had convincing wins against the locals, with many players covering multiple positions throughout the duration of the games. Both coaches are impressed with how quickly the girls are gelling as a unit. Tomorrow we are looking forward to a day to rest the bodies and enjoy our catamaran experience.