Day 11 - London and Final game in England

This morning we were lucky enough to have our final sleep in of the tour, before heading into London to do some final sightseeing.  

Our first stop was the delicious Borough Markets for lunch. There were so many amazing different things to eat, it was so hard to decide!  

We then went for a walk along the river and across the impressive Tower Bridge.  

Our last sightseeing stop was The Tower of London. The highlights for sure were the impressive Crown Jewels.  

We returned the pitch to take on Castle Colts this afternoon in what was a very competitive and enjoyable game. We were so excited to see great combination plays, desire and competitiveness from the girls; who were no doubt refreshed after a fee days off. It was a see-saw contest that kept the crowd on their toes and many celebrations were had. The hospitality was on point; with the girls happy to see us gone as they were spending the night with their host families.