Day 7 - Man City and Game 7

Most girls were up bright and early with their host families to start their day! All girls returned to the tour group a little bleary eyed but the sound of laughter was welcoming all back to the tour bus. We made our way to Manchester where we toured Manchester City's prestigious home ground Etihad. The girls were in awe of its grandure and how it is the polar opposite of Australia football. As we have learnt with football here: some are born here, some are drawn here but for everyone it is home.

On a brisk English evening, the girls were hosted by Haslington and it was a tale of two halves. It was great to see the girls taking on coaching advice and encouraging each other to play forward and work for each other. Haslington put on their world famous pies and everyone left in food comas.

The Buscapellas took their game to a nee level and took their music to the next level with some classic 90s tunes much to the coach's approval ✌