Day 11 and 12

We said our goodbyes to the spectacular (and a little spooky) Heythrop Manor Resort and headed into London. We were dropped at St Paul's Cathedral and from there meandered out way to the Thames and across the Millenium Bridge, past Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and through the London Bridge area to the Borough Market for lunch. While it was not nearly as hectic as when we there previously we were still able to grab a great lunch before jumping back on the bus and heading out to Essex. In a first for all our girls, we played 7 x 7 minute quarters (or actually sevenths). The U14 and U16 teams both played Manor Netball club with the U14's again winning convincingly and the U16's going down but playing some very good netball. The U18 game against Barking Abbey Netball Academy was an excellent match with our girls jumping out to an early lead before Barking Abbey stormed home to force a draw. Without doubt the most entertaining game of the day was the much anticipated players v parents/staff match. In a very competitive and close match the parents/staff came home with the win!
An early pick up this morning from their newly made friends before crossing London to play more matches against the Beaconsfield School. The U18's started strongly but were massively outsized and found it tough going against a very good team who had an U17 and U21 England player. The final score was Wanderers 16 - Beaconsfield High School 34. After a lovely lunch in the school cafeteria which really was like something out of the movies, the U14's were up next in what they were hoping would be there toughest game yet. The match did not disappoint with some fantastic netball being played by both teams. The U14's held on for a 5 goal win to remain undefeated throughout the tour. The U16 team faced a very tall and well drilled team that gave them very few opportunities up the offensive end. The girls worked hard and when patient demonstrated some great passages of play but unfortunately went down 35-12.