Day 2 London

Another beautiful, sunny (and cold) morning as we headed to our first stop - the Tower of London. Driving through London on a Saturday morning allowed us to not only pass most of the sights from yesterday but also see that even the centre of London can at times be relatively quiet. We had a quick look at Tower Bridge and the River Thames before heading into see the Crown Jewels, the Bloody Tower, the torture chamber and the enormous Ravens among other things at the Tower of London. Lunch at the Borough Market was simply amazing. The choice of foods was endless and the array of cakes, pastries, fudge, chocolate and other sweets was certainly tempting. Back on the bus and off to Cravens Cottage (there was actually a cottage overlooking the ground) to see Fulham play MK Dons. With the loser of this game facing relegation there was certainly a great atmosphere and the crowd was very entertaining in Fulham's 2-1 victory. Dinner and a little shopping before heading back to our hotel for a good sleep before the first game of our tour tomorrow. Some very excited (and a little nervous) girls.