North America


You can combine a tour to British Colombia with California  or Hawaii. There is so much more to see in this fantastic tour  destination.

From Vancouver, head east and cross the mighty Rocky  Mountains and the National Parks of Banff and Jasper to the great plains  of Calgary and Edmonton.

In the east, you will find the cities of Toronto, Ottawa,  Montreal and Quebec, all of which are vibrant and with their own  characters – Montreal and Quebec are particularly French in style. Do  not miss the opportunity to visit the magnificent Niagara Falls and get  sprayed by the waters as the ‘Maid of the Mist’ takes you into the  falls. Ice Hockey is Canada's national sport and a visit to a game in  the NHL in Vancouver with the Canucks or Calgary with the Flames is a  must !

Canadians enjoy a wide variety of sports shared with  Australian schools including rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey and netball,  as well as other sports such as water polo, basketball, volleyball and  lacrosse.

You can combine activities such as skiing in the winter  months, or activities such as mountain bike riding and white water  rafting in the summer. Combine this with the overflowing hospitality you  will receive from schools and clubs, Canada has everything !


The USA offers a wide selection of sports Australian  schools play alongside their own national games of American football,  baseball and basketball. Americans love to do everything bigger and  better than anyone else which means you will never be short of  awe-inspiring sights and side splitting dinners! One thing you can  guarantee is that their facilities will be of the highest standard.

Sport plays a large part in the life of many Americans who  are fanatical supporters of their local major league baseball, NHL ice  hockey, NBA basketball or NFL football team. College sport is also quite  popular, with many sports playing in front of sell out crowds every  game. Contrary to popular belief, however, they do also take part in  many organised team sports such as hockey and soccer. In fact , Soccer  is the biggest participation sport in the United States !

One of the more popular areas to tour for Australian  schools is California. Here, you can travel to Los Angeles, San Diego  and San Francisco, and receive great hosting and matches. In LA, you can  incorporate visits to Universal Studios, Malibu and Santa Monica, as  well as heading out to Orange County for the Disney experience, and hop  between Disneyland, and Disney's new California Adventure Park.

In San Diego, you can head off for the day to Mexico for a  true difference in culture, check out Sea World, and the fantastic  harbour area.

In San Francisco, check out the infamous Alcatraz, walk  across the Golden Gate Bridge, and ride a cable car down to Union Square  and Fishermans Wharf, or walk down the world's most crooked street!

The rest of the US has plenty to offer including the Grand  Canyon, Las Vegas, Disney theme parks in Florida, the Rocky Mountains,  skiing, New York, Washington, and Boston in the North East, the  beautiful New England countryside and the deep south of Texas and New  Orleans. Hawaii can be used as a stopover to either Canada or the US  mainland, or a destination for a tour in itself. Soccer basketball,  volleyball and water polo are all popular sports. Base yourself in  Waikiki, and tour Pearl Harbor, the Arizona memorial and the USS  Missouri, before heading to the famous big wave surfing beaches of  Wiamea Bay, Pipeline and Sunset Beach. Another part of a tour to Hawaii,  is a trip to beautiful Maui, where you can trek to the top of Mt  Haleakala at sunrise, one of the world's largest dormant volcanoes,  before mountain biking the 30 miles to the beach....all downhill !

We recommend tours to North America of between 14 and 21 days  depending on where you want to go and what you want to do. Sports to  consider in touring to the US include: basketball, volleyball, tennis,  baseball, hockey, soccer (particularly girls), water polo, athletics,  swimming, softball, lacrosse and rugby.

No trip to the US or Canada is complete without taking in a  game of either MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NFL American football or  NHL ice hockey, which can all be arranged !

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